Date: 12-04-2018

This remote start season, don't let a manual transmission stop you.

  • Directed has supported Manual Transmission installs since 2007 using the 689M
  • 689M technology has been improved and integrated into our flagship products that support Manual Transmissions
  • Installs not supported: convertibles (for example, the Honda S2000) or vehicles with soft-tops
    or T-tops (for example, some Jeep Wranglers). Please consult tech support if you are in doubt as to what vehicles we support
  • Manual Transmission supported with our flagship and premium products, not entry level
  • Clutch and parking Brake integration information available on Directechs, as well as multiple tech docs on clutch types/integration
  • Alternative "ready modes" available on DS4 product so the customer can choose how to enter "manual mode"
  • For the Directed Manual Transmission Checklist please Click Here