Date: 11-27-2018

The new XDR antenna for DS4/DS4+ is now Shipping!

  • All VIPER, Clifford, AstroStart, AutoStart, and AutoMate RF Systems will now include this new antenna.
  • Compatible with all 900MHz remotes (7756, 7857, 7656, 7816, and 7616 models)
  • Please look for the new XDR logo on the RF System Package.

Design Changes

  • Large printed antenna to increase transmission and reception
  • RF amplifier to drive range and transmission speed
  • Designed to be less susceptible to interference from obstruction and humidity
  • Dual LED’s (snake bites) for improve visibility inside and outside the vehicle
  • Shaped like a tiny DS4

Performance Enhancements

  • Double the range of the old antenna
  • 2X faster confirmation speed on 2way remotes
  • D2D connection only, meaning it works with DS4 and DS4+ 
  • Higher performance at same price!