Date: 07-16-2018

Introducing 4 Firmwares to increase Kia and Hyundai vehicle coverage:

  • HYUNDAI10 - 2018 Hyundai Kona PTS
  • HK11 - '17-'18 Kia Forte Regular Key
  • KIA3 - '17-'18 Kia Forte and Forte5 PTS
  • KIA4 - '14-'16 Kia Forte and Forte5 Regular Key

All firmware features:

  • Comfort and Convenience features including OEM alarm control
  • Bypass via data (no key required for operation)
  • Simple takeover (Get In and Go for PTS versions)
  • 3x Lock Start/Stop Compatible
  • Afermarket control with OEM fob
  • No diode required for PTS wires on KIA3 (Directed Exclusive)
  • Parking light control via data on HYUNDAI10
  • Compatible with all Directed Digital systems including DS4

For complete functions and applications: