Date: 24/Jan/2023

VOXX•DEI announced that they have rolled out a new feature for their technical support chat system that automatically translates multiple foreign languages.

“Supporting our dealers goes farther than just picking up the phone, we feel it is important to support them in their native language, especially when they are dealing with highly technical product,” said Ed Catapano, Service Group Vice President, VOXX Electronics Corporation. 

Directechs supports all VOXX•DEI brands: Viper, Clifford, Avital, Python, AstroStart, AutoStart, AutoMate, and Install Essentials and now has the ability to automatically translate most languages spoken today, meaning if the dealer’s installer is in Quebec and would rather type in French, they can. It will be translated on the fly to a Directechs member that can respond in English and that will be translated back into the Technician’s native language – making the process simpler, efficient, and personalized.