Date: 21/Dec/2021

Since the acquisition of Directed, the newly created VOXX•DEI LLC has implemented strategic leadership changes within the Engineering and Technical Service divisions with the primary objective for VOXX•DEI LLC to get back to their roots of, “For Installers, By Installers”. This revived focus was on implementing the feedback the Technical Service team gets from our dealers and installers when working with them day-in-and-day-out with the objective of providing outstanding solutions to our end-customers. The first major change has been the addition of a Director role in the Technical Service division. Ed Catapano, Vice president of Technical Services Group, a subset of VOXX Electronics Corporation’s Shared Services a 30-year, 12-volt veteran installer himself, promoted Chris Libardi to this roll. Chris, a 15-year industry veteran, comes from the install bay primarily installing Viper products for the majority of his tenure. In his new role, Chris’s number one priority is to put the “Installer” first to help improve the solutions VOXX•DEI LLC provides to our dealers. One of the first projects he and the team have identified as priority is addressing the long prevailing issue with the original DBALL and the inability to edit firmware no longer available to the Installer.


When a customer returns with a change needed on their existing firmware that is no longer available on the Directechs site, the installer will have the ability to edit and make the necessary changes needed even if that firmware is no longer in a “Published” or “Beta state”. In most cases, will be able to edit the firmware instead of having to reflash and reprogram the modules just to make one simple change. This change will be exclusive to flashing from the web, however we do have a long-term goal to release it for the Directlink App as well.

Common example: Customer returns 6 months after the original installation and decides they want their run time extended… The installer goes to flash the module to make the change, and they discover that the “Edit Current Configuration” option is unavailable…   “NO!!!!!! You mean I have I completely reflash and reprogram this thing to make little change?!?!” – UPSET INSTALLER

Not anymore!

Now, that “Edit Current Configuration” option will be lit up like a Christmas tree, and you can proceed with changing that run time!

XOXO – Your VOXX•DEI Tech Team

Happy Holidays!